You Stream. We Clip.

You Stream. We Clip.

We saw a great reception from our community for our “Stream to Redeem” challenge featuring Tom Clancy’s The Division® 2 Private Beta where we asked you to stream for 6 or more hours to win a full copy of the game.

In light of your amazing efforts, we wanted to come back to you with something special for Tom Clancy’s The Division® 2 Open Beta, 1–4 March 2019.

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We want to promote you.

During the open beta period, we want to create a video showcasing how amazing our community is and how your viewers react to the Tobii Ghost Twitch Extension.

The video will be used across a number of our channels like Twitter, Facebook, our blog and selected partner sites.

Special Tobii Agents will have your back during the weekend where they will slide into your stream to collect clips for the promotional video. Footage will be recorded at random, so make sure to be present to maximize your chances.

Of course, that’s not all.

  • Everyone who streams The Division 2 with the Twitch Extension over this beta period will be featured on our website while they are live.
  • The top 10 most dedicated streamers who have streamed the most hours whilst actively playing the game will get a feature on our blog: your chance to talk a little more about you, eye tracking and your Twitch channel.
  • We’re also super curious to see what our community is really made of. We’ll be measuring how many hours you can collectively rack up streaming during the beta period.

How many hours do you think we can rack up together? 500, 1000?

Check back on our website to see how you’re all doing.

How to get involved:

For your chance to be featured in the promotional video you need to do the following

  1. Sign up here.

2. Stream Tom Clancy’s The Division® 2 Open Beta between 1–4 March 2019 (Make sure to select The Division 2 as your game category in your stream setup).

3. Use the Tobii Ghost Twitch Extension (Find out more here).

Tom Clancy’s The Division® 2 is releasing with eye tracking on 15 March 2019 which you will be able to test during the open beta. Check out the feature video:


As previously mentioned. We saw a great reception during the Private Beta with 60 streamers taking part over the weekend.

We saw people that had not streamed in a long time making the effort as well as a bunch of people streaming for the very first time.

We were so impressed and hope to see you streaming again for Tom Clancy’s The Division® 2 Open Beta.


Jonas Eriksson

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Jonas Eriksson

Hi, I am the Community Manager at Tobii Gaming.
I work with our Social Media, Influencers, and our awesome Community to bring eye tracking to the gaming world. I'm a big gamer myself and love technology!