Valve, Against Gravity and Tobii show the future of social VR.

Valve, Against Gravity and Tobii show the future of social VR.

We’ve been working Valve to embed our eye tracking hardware into the HTC Vive and Valve’s OpenVR API.

With eye tracking, the headset is given a range of essential capabilities such as avatar eye-contact for greater social presence, foveated rendering for more efficient graphics performance, and enhanced natural interaction. Tobii has been working together with Valve to explore the many applications of eye tracking in VR, as well as to lay the foundation for incorporating eye tracking into the recently announced OpenXR standard.

“We are pleased to showcase some of the work we’ve been doing with Tobii, HTC, and Against Gravity to better understand and support eye-tracking enabled HMDs and what that means for how customers experience VR.” — Yasser Malaika of Valve.

We demoed these devices at this year’s GDC in San Francisco, CA at the Valve booth along with a special build of Against Gravity’s Rec Room — which leverages Tobii eye-tracking to bring true eye contact between participants in the multi-user virtual environment. So far — people are lovin’ it! We believe this is the future of VR as a social communication platform and will drive mainstream adoption of VR.

We are continiously meeting with developers and other hardware providers to collect feedback and bring eye-tracking enabled Vive headsets to more VR content developers.

Most recently, we announced our participation in the Khronos Group VR Standards Initiative along with other industry leaders. This important initiative lays the foundation for an open standard cross platform API for VR content developers, in turn accelerating the development of compelling VR content experiences. It also sets a single common framework for developers to access to the next wave of VR headsets with core features such as eye-tracking.

“We also welcome Tobii’s participation along with other industry leaders in developing the Khronos Group’s OpenXR initiative. An open standard, cross platform, and extensible API is the best way to allow hardware providers and content developers to broadly provide compelling VR content experiences in a rapidly diversifying marketplace.”

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