Twitch plans to paint San Diego purple!  And we'll be there!

Twitch plans to paint San Diego purple!  And we'll be there!

We are landing in San Diego this week! Twitchcon 2019 is almost here and we will be present in the Stream Workshop 1 (SW1) Booth to showcase everything about eye tracking and the upcoming Tobii Ghost Features.

The whole community is invited, and we’d love you to join us!

About a year ago, we launched Tobii Ghost — a twitch extension designed to enable live streamers with a Tobii eye tracker to effortlessly show their audiences where their eyes were focused and how they prioritized attention in the heat of battle.


For viewers, the promise was clear — for the first time ever there was a tool that enabled them to really understand what their favorite streamers were looking at, and even the choices they were considering, during a fierce competition or epic play.

Over the last year we’ve seen exponential growth of Tobii Ghost, and now at any given time there are streamers using the Ghost extension organically. Just check out our website to see some of the current live streams using Tobii eye tracking.


We’ve also, over the last year, listened to our community and learn how we can make Ghost even better. With many updates we have proven our community that we care about their viewers quality, introducing several changes to the user experience and the interface of the extension, that in addition to a new community hub where streamers can learn on new engagening ways to use eye tracking to interact with their viewers, including the use of eye tracking features in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.


Today, we are pleased to introduce a new update to Tobii Ghost that we believe will make the extension even more powerful for streamers, while simultaneously making sure we are introducing the concept of eye tracking to their audience in a more intuitive way.

Up until now, if a streamer decides to use the Ghost extension, it has been turned on for all viewers by default. While this may sound like a great idea, it creates a situation where everyone coming to a stream (whether they know about Tobii Ghost, or not) sees the bubble.

Today, we are reversing this completely

Tobii Ghost will have the option to be off by default. Viewers who come to a stream will be notified that the streamer is using Ghost, but the viewer will have to actively choose to turn it on. This puts the power to see where a streamer is looking, and the choice, completely in the hands of viewers.


That is what our streamers want!

At Tobii, we think this is an excellent and important change. Just like a home viewer has the choice to turn on closed captions on a movie or television broadcast (but isn’t forced to have them on), now live stream viewers will similarly have the choice to turn Tobii Ghost on, or not, depending on the content they are watching and the information they want to see on the screen.

We hope this change will clearly show how much we care about our community, their feedback, and giving viewers the power to choose what they want to see.

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Jonas Eriksson

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