Twitch streamer Loserfruit tries out Tobii Ghost

Twitch streamer Loserfruit tries out Tobii Ghost

You might wonder, what is Tobii Ghost? Tobii Ghost is an application that you can download and use for free together with an eye tracker from Tobii. Ghost creates an overlay in the form of a bubble that can show your viewers where you are looking. It can be useful, for example, for game analytics, eSports, streaming, and content creation.


At Tobii Gaming we play around with Tobii Ghost all the time, but let us face it. None of us are professional streamers. So what do streamers and their audience honestly think about the use of Ghost in their streams? To find out, we decided to send out a pair of eye trackers to a few selected Twitch streamers.

We asked them for their honest opinions, no scripts provided. One of the streamers that received the Tobii Eye Tracker 4C is one of the biggest Overwatch streamers on Twitch, and she goes by the name of Loserfruit.


Loserfruit uses Ghost to show her audience where she is looking throughout the stream, but she has also used the overlay in preview mode so she can see it during the stream as well. The bubble preview can, of course, be turned off if it’s not your cup of tea.

So, after the stream, we asked for her honest opinion.
See her answers below.

What do you think about this for Game Analytics?

It is going to be good to show videos with it to coaches (getting back into getting coached/mentored and will probably use footage).

Did you get any value out of replaying your footage?

A lot, always needed to look in the top right corner more for the kill feed.

Tobii Ghost also offers a heatmap feature, so do not stare at Widowmaker’s backside for too long…


SGO also offers a heat map feature so don’t stare at Widowmaker’s backside for too long…

What were the reactions of your audience?

People were mostly curious about it and found it interesting. Some found it distracting and said it was the only thing they would look at — but that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Audience comments:

  • ‘i imagine this is quite interesting for esports analysts’
  • ‘this eye tracker is insaneeee’
  • ‘eye tracker could be interesting for PUBG’
  • ‘that’s so trippy I’m trying to follow your eye’
  • ‘oh that is so cool it gets smaller when you squint — maybe its such a huge circle because your eyes are humongous’
  • ‘I watched someone use eye tracking with dota last year some time but this seems much more polished’
  • ‘’this might actually help me play better by knowing where to look’

Would you continue using it?

I don’t know about using it again for a stream. Might try it out a few more times. As far as myself, I like the custom overlay and make it so I can only see it when playing certain characters like McCree — it helped me concentrate on my aim more, and I noticed I was significantly better. So, I’m still going to use it when playing someone like McCree.

Would you recommend it to other streamers?

Yes, I’d recommend it to other streamers — personally want to know what more it can do for me.



We also sent out an eye tracker to Fenn3r, who streams on Twitch and uploads a lot of content to his YouTube channel.

Check out the video where he uses the Tobii Eye Tracker 4C below.


Fenn3r | Eyetracking in Overwatch! on YouTube

“I’m pretty surprised how accurate it is, it’s very very accurate, it’s pretty crazy”
“It was easy to set up.”

Do you want a Tobii Eye Tracker 4C to try it out for yourself? Check out for more information.

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