Tobii Takes on CES 2019

Tobii Takes on CES 2019

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is promising to be an exciting event this year. As always, you can expect some big announcements and first glimpses into emerging tech.

Tobii will be there with some new products and demos, continuing to spread the word and showcasing how eye tracking and user-facing sensors can be used to create better devices and better experiences in a wide range of devices and applications.

Update (Jan 8): today we’ve announced our collaboration with HTC to bring eye tracking to the new VIVE Pro Eye VR headset. Both Tobii and HTC will be demonstrating the new headset throughout CES.

Update (Jan 9): the Alienware Area-51m gaming laptop has been announced as the first consumer product to Tobii’s new IS5 eye tracking platform.

Update (Jan 11): Alienware and Tobii have now opened Alienware Academy, a new online portal with lessons and exercises for competitive game training.

Eye Tracking in XR

Last year we had a great measure of success in showing how eye tracking is an essential feature for VR and AR HMDs, and we’ll be doing more of the same this year, now with more details and more evolved technologies to create even more powerful VR/AR headsets and experiences.

Better Devices

  • Eye tracking makes it possible for devices to reduce GPU load and/or deliver a higher-quality graphics experience through foveated rendering, allowing for more powerful and flexible HMDs

foveated rendering CES2019

Foveated rendering — only part of the screen where the user is looking is rendered in high quality

  • Increased security and simplified profile management for multiple users with user identification through eye tracking biometrics
  • Calculating the user’s inter-pupillary distance (IPD) lets devices automatically adapt to the user and increase comfort

Better Experiences

Eye tracking allows for higher immersion in virtual environments by letting users leverage their natural hand-eye coordination to create more natural and intuitive interactions
intuitive interactions-min

Throwing objects becomes more natural using hand-eye coordination and natural aiming

  • Navigation is simplified with a 2-step interaction consisting of look-select instead of the traditional look-point controller-select
  • Social interactions and multiplayer environments become richer and more realistic with virtual avatars that can express the user’s eye movements

social interaction-min

Richer social interactions and simpler menu navigation

Actionable Insights

  • Eye tracking analytics in XR provides valuable insights into user attention, enabling a better understanding of user preferences and behavior made possible with Tobii’s analytical use license (and with user consent, of course!)
  • Detailed visualizations, interaction and navigation measures, as well as eye tracking statistics, can be gathered through Tobii’s analysis software Tobii Pro VR Analytics, which integrates into existing Unity environments (demo available at CES).

Eye Tracking and User-Facing Sensors in PCs

User-facing sensors (such as eye trackers) are able to visually sense and respond to the user, adding a range of subtle but powerful capabilities to PCs that improve user experiences by making devices smarter.

The use of eye tracking is becoming more commonplace, not only with continuous growth in its use for gaming, but in general computing applications, with Microsoft incorporating gaze as a 5th interaction modality and the establishment of a USB HID standard for eye tracking.

Gaming and beyond

Besides the unique benefits to gamers, streamers, content creators, esports professionals and broadcasting audiences, Tobii offers an expanding range of capabilities through user-facing sensors that make PCs smarter, safer and more in-tune with users, with uses that include:

  • Safe and simplified login in Windows through user identification
  • Heightened privacy by protecting the screen when the user looks or moves away
  • Improved power usage by dimming screens when they aren’t in use
  • Increased comfort and wellbeing with insights into screen time and ergonomics

What can you expect at CES?

  • Exciting news about new products and partnerships (maybe… we can’t tell yet! 😉)
  • VR and PC application demos that let you feel and better understand the impact that eye tracking and user-facing sensors can make in providing better user experiences
  • A glimpse of the latest VR headsets, laptops and peripheral devices that support Tobii Eye Tracking

We’ll let our products and demos speak for themselves — but we aim to have all our visitors leave with the feeling that our technology is not only foundational in VR/AR, but also indispensable as a tool to improve personal and general computing.

Stop by our booth #21618 (LVCC South Hall 1.1) to see it all for yourself!

Besides the Tobii booth, you’ll also be able to find our technology on display with some of our partners in the locations below.


  • LVCC, Central Hall, Booth 10948
  • LVCC, North Hall, Booth 5609


  • Wynn, Meeting Rooms, Alsace 1


  • LVCC, Central Hall, Booth 10048


  • Sands, Hall A-D, Booth 43355


  • Venetian, Lvl2, SugarCane
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