Stream with Tobii Ghost, the First eye tracking Twitch extension

Stream with Tobii Ghost, the First eye tracking Twitch extension

The Twitch extension lets viewers customize the eye tracking overlay.

After working closely and getting great feedback from streamers who use eye tracking, we’re excited to present the first ever eye tracking Twitch extension: Tobii Ghost.

Using eye tracking in streams is a great way to increase viewer engagement and give more insights into your skills, speed and attention. The added benefit of the Twitch extension is that it lets viewers to customize how they see the eye tracking overlay in their own browser, as well as toggle it on and off.

Watch the video to learn more.

Tobii Ghost?

Tobii Ghost (previously known as Tobii Streaming Gaze Overlay) is a software that allows you to add an eye tracking overlay to your broadcasting or recording software. (Although you need an eye tracker to do that, of course.)

It can be used for live streaming or video recordings in several different platforms. Conveniently though, you can connect to your Twitch account directly from Tobii Ghost in order to start streaming with the extension.

Which brings us to…

Tobii Ghost Twitch extension

Twitch streamers that have an eye tracker can now install the Tobii Ghost Extension in Twitch and let their viewers take control over how they see the eye tracking overlay.

The extension works as an overlay on your Twitch stream, showing a small icon when your viewers hover over the video.


tobii ghost iconTobii Ghost icon appears as an overlay on the top right corner.

When they click the icon, viewers get options to customize how they see the eye tracking overlay in their own browsers. They can choose between different display presets and toggle the overlay off and back on.

Under “Advanced settings”, they get the option to fully customize the overlay, choosing to see it as a bubble, solid shape or heatmap as well as adjusting other aspects such as size and color to their preference.


advanced options tobii ghostAdvanced customization options.

Want! How do I get?

To use the Tobii Ghost extension in Twitch, you’ll need to have a) an eye tracking device, b) the Tobii Eye Tracking Core Software and c) Tobii Ghost installed. (As well as a Twitch account and broadcasting software.)

For more details, check out the full Twitch Extension setup guide:

FeelsGood or FeelsBad, man?

We always want to improve the experience for streamers and viewers alike. If you have any feedback on the Tobii Ghost Twitch extension for us, just leave a comment or get in touch through our community channels.

Updated on 24/10/2018

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