Tobii Ghost: new interface for viewers

Tobii Ghost: new interface for viewers

This is an automatic update for the Twitch extension users. 🔴 Live now!

Over the past few months, we’ve been working together with the Ghost community in order to bring your viewers a better experience. We want to continue to build this with your feedback, so let us know what you wanna see in the future in our official Twitter and Discord.


New User Interface

So, what’s new?

We simplified the interface after seeing how eye tracking opacity or “visibility” plays a big role depending on the game contrast. For example, Rainbow Six and Fortnite both have different color palettes in terms of color saturation.

So even if you as a streamer set an opacity you believed was best for your game, your viewers now also have the option to regulate it in a quicker way.

That's why we change the “ON/OFF” option and replaced it with a slider.


Visibility 0% — 50% — 100%

This means if viewers want to make the bubble contrast more visible, they can move the slider to the right and if they want to turn it off they can simply move it all the way to the left.


Example of 80% Visibility contrast in PUBG


Have you ever experienced chat going “whats the bubble?” well, You are not alone! We have been working on several solutions to help you explain how the twitch extension work.


Therefore, we came with the idea of a notification that shows up the first time a viewer visits your stream or any other channel using Tobii/Ghost as a Twitch Extension.


Will this show up every time?

It will not. If they click on the “Don’t show me this message again” checkbox, the message will no longer be displayed to that viewer.

In addition, if they don’t act on the prompt, (as in they don’t click on anything), the message will be closed automatically after 15 seconds.

Will this message will be displayed to all my viewers?

No. It will only be displayed to those viewers watching you from a compatible browser in desktop.


Tobii Ghost compatible browsers: Chrome, Edge & Opera

Like it? Hate it? Feedback us!

We are always looking for ways to improve, so please get vocal and let us know what you think about this and future updates over our official Twitter and Discord.


Jonas Eriksson

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Jonas Eriksson

Hi, I am the Community Manager at Tobii Gaming.
I work with our Social Media, Influencers, and our awesome Community to bring eye tracking to the gaming world. I'm a big gamer myself and love technology!