Tobii G-loot Summer Dash: 6 weeks of challenges and a bunch of awesome prizes

Tobii G-loot Summer Dash: 6 weeks of challenges and a bunch of awesome prizes

Hello all!

Following the release of our new Tobii Eye Tracker 5, we’re excited to let you know that we’ve partnered with G-Loot to provide you with the opportunity to earn extra cash playing the games that you love, track your playing habits to be even more competitive, and have the chance to win one of six brand new eye trackers!

What is G-Loot?

G-Loot is an online platform that allows you to compete in a variety of exciting challenges across your favorite games and track your in-game performance. You can compete against yourself, or other top players from around the globe — either for a prize pool or just for fun! There are a variety of challenges available, many of which are free to enter — allowing you to earn money simply by playing your top titles! G-Loot also tracks all your stats and playing habits across games, allowing you to work out where you’re strongest, and where you need to improve to take things to the next level.


Available games with cash rewards

The Tobii G-Loot Summer Dash

Together, Tobii and G-Loot have partnered to create the Summer Dash! The Summer Dash is a six-week challenge across multiple games to find the ultimate gamer from each community! We’ve sponsored six of the biggest titles on G-Loot, giving anyone who competes in the weekly leaderboard for their favorite game (or games) the opportunity to win a brand new Tobii Eye Tracker 5!

By signing up, you can compete in challenges for:
Week 1: Valorant
Week 2: League of Legends
Week 3: Rainbow Six Siege
Week 4: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
Week 5: Rocket League
Week 6: Apex Legends


All you need to do to get involved is click the link HERE to sign up to G-Loot, install the G-Loot client on your system, and sign up to the weekly leaderboard starting August 11, for your chance to win real money rewards, and a brand new eye tracker!

Stay safe, and we’ll see you on the battlefield!

The Tobii Team

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Martin Lindgren

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