Thanks, Technology, for Enabling My Laziness

Thanks, Technology, for Enabling My Laziness

Or: How Sliced Bread is Losing Its Edge in the Age of Touchpads and Eye Tracking

Technology is great, but is it ruining us humans for simple tasks, such as slicing bread, going up staircases and pressing an extra button in gaming interactions? Maybe. And maybe that’s a good thing.

How does one even “book” nowadays?

I am not proud of this, but the other day I was reading something and found the text too small to read without squinting my eyes. Needless to say, I am not a professional squinter (is anybody? Also, new idea for a sport?), so without thinking I used my index finger and thumb to try to zoom in on the text. The only thing was… it was a book.


Squinting: the next big thing?

Yes, a book. (DVD and Blu-Ray boxes have also been prior victims.) These wonderful rectangle-shaped, refined wood pulp things with ink splashed on it was in my hands and honestly, after a good yet embarrassing 10 seconds, I realized zooming in on this book was not going to work. Nonetheless, it was a valiant effort. Real books just don’t have this feature without you needing to bring it closer to your face until you get that weird, sour/sweet book smell. (Strangely enough, I feel hungry now.)

Anyways, don’t get me wrong, I am not trashing books. I think books are cool. Like “phones with cords” or “leaving someone a voice message” kind of cool… (OK, sorry books. That was mean. I apologize.)

So. I´m lazy… ^^

You see, my problem was not the book but that I was more used to a more… “interactive” way of doings things. At that moment, I realized that if I had the zoom feature, if I had that interaction in my life, things would be easier.

I like things to be easy. Who doesn’t like easy? Is this not why we always fall back to the phrase “best thing since bread came sliced”, considering how it made life so much easier for us? (Though honestly, that vote should go for running water. Or modern medicine. Or Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool.)


Come at me, sliced bread!

In my defense, lazy has never been this awesome

Much like this zoom feature, after working for Tobii I realized that eye tracking made things easier too. I could look at something and make my selection.

So when playing the game Dying Light, for example, all I needed to do was look at something to highlight it and then I was able to pick it up. I could even set it up so that ALL I needed to do was look at it for X amount of seconds to pick it up. Damn… that is cool. And lazy. I love it!

This is what telekinesis must feel like?

No longer did I need to look at something, move my character/viewpoint to that area, and then pick it up. I was removing an entire step or sometimes even multiple steps in the process.

Think of all the time and effort I saved with all this unnecessary stepping! I’d definitely put it up there together with “best thing since escalators” in that regard.


There’s so much extra time for awesome when you don’t have to bother with all those steps.

I know some might think that sounds kind of lazy. It might be. I actually hope it is. I like it easy, just like my ready-sliced bread. :)

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