See what’s poppin’ at SVVR 2017!

See what’s poppin’ at SVVR 2017!
Tomorrow, March 29th, we will be at the Silicon Valley VR Expo (SVVR) in San Jose.

The purpose of our participation at the show is three fold.

First, we think eye tracking is the next natural step for VR within the industry, and showcasing our demos is a great way to better understand this opportunity. The SVVR community will get a chance to try our retrofitted HTC Vive HMD with embedded eye tracking and demo several user scenarios, which are not supported in traditional VR.

Visitors will get first-hand experience of:

Pick up at gaze: Gaze assisted collection — look at an object, press a button, and simply pick it up.

Throw at gaze: Gaze assisted throwing — hit the object you are looking at in a way that feels more like throwing in real life.

Fire at gaze: Bullets curve into the target you are looking at. (Reference to the film Fifth Element)

Select at gaze: Look at an object and manipulate it with the hand controllers in a natural way.

Teleport at gaze: Look somewhere, and press a button to simply teleport there….

Next is about making it real!

Today there are consumer grade devices with Tobii eye tracking integrations available on the market (ACER, Alienware, MSi and SteelSeries, as well as Tobii’s own Tobii eye tracker 4C). Our main focus at SVVR is meeting with the VR community to engage companies that are serious about moving forward with eye tracking opportunities and discussing design options.

Last but not least, we’ll be talking with the SVVR community about Tobii’s multimillion dollar program, which is committed to the game development industry supporting the process of implementing eye tracking in games. Now in our fourth year supporting the program, there is no other eye tracking vendor who’s invested so much to the implementation of eye tracking into games.

Want to see a demo of eye tracking implementation into VR? At SVVR we’ll showcase eye tracking features in The Solus Project from our partner Teotl Studios.

So, if you are in the Bay Area, there’s 3 great reasons to drop by San Jose Convention Center and visit our booth #314, so we can give you a first glance at what’s in store.

Stay tuned for more on VR…. we’re just scratching the surface of what’s to come.


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