OPEN YOUR EYES: Unlock your Full Potential.

OPEN YOUR EYES: Unlock your Full Potential.

Dr. Amine Issa on how Information Processing is key for decision making in League of Legends.


Eye Tracking is coming to Summoners Rift, reaching new heights in training and performance.

Gaze tracking is the gateway to a player’s mind; what a player sees during a game says a lot about what they’re thinking. With eye tracking, we can learn and improve from the Fakers and TheShy’s of the world, by showing that it’s vital for players to spread their visual attention purposefully.

Mobalytics Eye Tracking Release — coming early 2020

Sign up for the Eye Tracking Beta here.

If you’re a LoL player, then by using Mobalytics together with a Tobii Eye Tracker, we can automatically sync what is happening in the game with what you are looking at and figure out how to help you climb. Given that information, we’ll be able to assess and show your progress toward becoming a better player.

Information to help you climb!

Top rank players can retain up to 4x more information than good players. Better players scan the game using more fixation points for every minute, providing them with more information to make better decisions.


Focus on what matters.

Fixation points are the player’s eyes’ ability to focus on one thing for a fixed period. With eye tracking, we can measure that fixation point and get valuable data to help players improve.

Information Processing: Low ranked player VS. High ranked player


Low ranked player



High ranked player

Once you’ve checked out our latest video on Information Processing, hop on over and get typing to join the Eye Tracking Beta. Season 2020 is right around the corner, and we’re here to help you improve and climb.



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Lauren Forsberg

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Lauren Forsberg

Hi, I am the product and partnerships manager for esports training, which means I am responsible for collaborating with key partners and stakeholders to establish products for training and analytics in 3rd party applications, we’re using eye tracking metrics to help players learn more about how they game and how to improve. Personally, I think we’ll see Tobii’s eye tracking at the forefront of gaming innovation and driving new experiences for users, and I am excited to be part of helping it get there.