You request it, we build it

You request it, we build it

We have spent countless hours visiting streams looking for feedback on how we can improve our experience. Many of you were vocal that while you have viewers that love to see how you scan the game, many were concerned about what lurkers were thinking of it.

So, what's new?

We believe that eye-tracking should work like subtitles in interactive streaming.

This new update allows viewers to come into your channel and not see the eye tracker unless THEY turn it on.

Now as a streamer you will be able to decide how you want to showcase eye tracking to your viewers when they arrive in your channel. This means that if you want your viewers to have it OFF by default, now is possible. If you choose this option, eye tracking will be working for them with the only difference that it will be invisible, yes, like a Ghost. So if they want to see it, they can turn it on in the extension button… Just like subtitles in movies.

If you are planning to use this feature, remember to turn on Tobii Ghost App every time you go to stream since if you don't open it, your viewers will see the button in your stream but won't be able to see eye-tracking at all.


How can I activate “Default off” feature?

Pretty simple, once you link your twitch account in Tobii Ghost app, a checkbox will appear. Mark it and you are all set!


How will they realize that I’m using an eye tracker then?


New viewers in your channel will still get this notification (overlay) when they arrive in your channel, so they can go and find the extension button if they want to explore eye tracking and the way you scan the game for information.

This is an automatic update: to force the update close Tobii Ghost client and open it again until you see the version in the right bottom of the screen.



Notice: we don’t recommend this feature for new Ghost users.

Presenting eye-tracking to your audience should be gradual. If you are new, we recommend preparing your viewers for your first stream using the extension by showcasing the bubble and how does work. You can even record a clip with OBS explaining what is the bubble and how to activate or deactivate in the extension. It is key to having a couple of streams where your viewers get to use it before activating this feature.

In other words, viewers need to experience eye-tracking first in order to understand that exist and most importantly the benefit of it (understand what do you see that is triggering your decision making in-game).’

Read also our last update on the new interface for viewers

Why we are doing this?

You ask for it, and we will love to continue the development of the extension based on your feedback, so please be vocal and let us know what you think on our Discord.


For more info check the patch notes: Tobii Ghost 1.7.0

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