New Eye Tracking Development Tools Unveiled at GDC

New Eye Tracking Development Tools Unveiled at GDC

For Tobii, the focus at GDC 2019 is all about providing developers with the necessary tools to easily implement advanced eye tracking technology to create better user experiences in a range of applications.

So this year, we’re excited to announce the new Tobii XR SDK as well as new guides, case studies and tools available for VR, AR and PC development.

Tobii XR SDK

As eye tracking becomes an increasingly important feature for XR devices, Tobii wanted to provide developers with the advanced assets and application tools to ease integration and share our know-how to empower developers working with eye tracking data streams from an XR HMD.

The Tobii XR SDK and its associated libraries are meant to be used as a complement to existing device-specific SDKs for the headsets that support eye tracking, and it enables a new set of immersive interactions and capabilities to enhance the user experience.

  • Superhuman Abilities


TobiiBeyond allowing for more natural interactions, eye tracking also enables experiences that are supernatural. Users can experience the feeling of having superpowers by manipulating virtual environments with their gaze.

  • Lifelike Characters


Give a new dimension to multiplayer environments and social interactions with more expressive avatars that can replicate the user’s eye movements. Make virtual characters more fun to interact with when they recognize and respond to a player’s glance.

  • Intuitive Interfaces


Heighten immersion and improve UX with intuitive gaze-based interactions. Streamline navigation with a simpler 2-step (“look & select”) process that removes the need for pointing with a controller.

  • Focused Objects


Map the eye tracking signal to objects in a scene to efficiently identify and select the focused objects or areas of interest in a scene. This simplifies the developer’s job by making the objects intelligent and responsive.

Additional Resources for Developers

In addition to new libraries and APIs, Tobii is also making code samples, tutorials and debugging tools available for XR developers. Packages and assets are currently available for Unity, and Unreal support will be coming soon.

Our developer portal for PCs has also been updated, and our SDK for PC development is now available on Unity Asset Store and Unreal Marketplace


For more details on Tobii’s latest announcement at GDC, take a look at our press release:

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Johan Bouvin

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