Look Upon a Star … and Conquer It!

Look Upon a Star … and Conquer It!

Master of Orion joins the ranks of Eye Tracking Enabled games

Master of Orion, the Spacefaring 4X strategy game has returned, and this time with a technological advancement! Join the galaxy’s fate and let your warships’ engines echo in the skies. Rush to explore, expand, exploit and exterminate all who oppose you … or fail miserably, prey to stronger opponents.

Your goal is to guide one of the ten races across wide galaxies, crush worlds, establish diplomatic relationships — and manipulate leaders -, while amassing vast resources in your bid to become the next Master of Orion.

Now with Tobii Eye Tracking, you get a greater control of the screen and the galaxies map just by gazing. With features like Zoom at Gaze, bungee at gaze and Extended View, Master of Orion’s universe becomes easier and more natural to explore — allowing you to quickly select areas of interest as you work to rapidly expand your empire.

You will have a quick access to the worlds you want to explore … or conquer. If this world we live in feels like an ant farm for you, and If you ever dreamed about sujugating the whole star system, then, definitely, this is your game.

Master of Orion sourced for Tobii EyeX comes on PC August 25 2016 and it’s truly unique. Get all the details here.

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