Let’s Play: Dying Light Enhanced Edition with Eye Tracking

Let’s Play: Dying Light Enhanced Edition with Eye Tracking

It’s easy to see why Dying Light, developed by Techland, was so well received by the gaming community.

It offers a huge open world, with a wide range of locations. The combat is satisfying, and the crafting system is easily accessible to all, not to mention the excellent narrative and rewarding side missions.

For us, it is always about finding the next biggest thrill when discovering new games. Bigger, scarier, and more challenging.

It’s pretty obvious from the start of the game that the city of Harran isn’t going to be a walk in the park. Not only are the streets littered with the walking corpses who want to snack on your face , but backstreets and buildings too.

But where’s the real fun without an actual challenge? With nothing more than a wooden stick and a flashlight, we set out into the open world, ready to find a cure and a culprit.

Highlighted Feature: Auto Climb When Sprinting

Parkour in Dying Light flows smoothly from start to finish. You can leap from roof to van with ease, and navigate the city of Harran without alerting too many of the zombies on the street.

With Eye Tracking you can begin to experience an even more natural running style as your eyes take control. Everything taking place in your peripheral seems to fade away as Harran is plunged into darkness after sunset, and you’re left scared, running for your life, eyes frantically searching for the next ledge that will pull you to safety. With Eye Tracking you won’t miss that ledge. The power is in your eyes, not in your mouse or controller.

‍ Highlighted Feature: Multi Throw

We’ve all been there. You pick up an item, prepare yourself to throw it, whether it’s to hit an enemy or to distract… And then you miss. Throwing in any game, we find, is an art.

Techland, the developers of Dying Light, have offered us a lot in terms of throwables, and how you do it. Anything from molotovs to throwing knives. With Eye Tracking that accuracy increases tenfold, leaving you with a satisfying experience when you nail a difficult throw from a rooftop, or peeking out from behind a wall. Why throw just one tomahawk when you can quickly tag the undead and launch a volley in rapid succession?

⚖️ The Verdict ⚖️

Techland has done a stellar job in catering to your creative mind in a variety of ways. Whether you are working on your agility for parkour, or crafting bigger and more impressive weapons, there is a massive amount of room to customize the game to the way you want to play.

The power is in your hands , and eyes , and you decide whether to embrace melee combat or ranged, and how you take down each threat.

We love that there is even an option to use stealth and get creative with how you hide, planning new routes across the map to shake off those pesky zombies.

Of course there is a nice variety of zombies to test out your skill on. Most of the streets are cluttered with slow, shambling undead, which aren’t much of a threat unless you draw their attention. Large crowds will definitely prove difficult to tackle. Huge, brutish zombies, and the Toads are the ones you want to look out for.

You’ll want to make sure you dodge every swing, hunk of concrete thrown in your direction, or the sickly acid of the undead. Then there’s the freshly turned undead, who can chase up walls and across rooftops, having not lost their mobility yet. We suggest outsmarting those ones, opt to hide or even distract them instead of fighting them. Not to mention the horrors that come out at night.

With a huge open world map, you’re never short on missions to complete. Techland has provided timed challenges, as well as collectables hunting, seemingly random civilian rescues, and life sustaining airdrops.

All of these are woven in alongside the main story, so it’s entirely up to you on how much content you want to tackle at a time!

We thoroughly enjoyed our playthrough of Dying Light so far. The City of Harran is an experience for anyone who loves the zombie apocalypse, with and without our Tobii devices.

Whether you are a purist player, or an eye tracking enthusiast, this zombie game will quench your thirst for thrills, survival and parkour. Just make sure to keep that flashlight handy when the sun sets.


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