League of Legends Eye Tracking BETA: Live Now

League of Legends Eye Tracking BETA: Live Now

The first esport trainer with eye tracking analytics is here.

League of Legends it’s an information game, best players succeed because they’re looking for the right information and anticipating events at the right time.


Eye tracking analytics is not something new for Tobii; in fact, it has been used before to analyze F1 drivers and sports research. But today, we’re branching out and taking our eye tracking analytics to a new playing field.

That’s where our partner Mobalytics comes in. Mobalytics is a company specializing in League of Legends player behavioral research.

Mobalytics is a gaming companion app that analyzes your performance, highlights your strengths and weaknesses, and gives you insights to level up your game.

Together we’re bringing Eye Tracking to Esports Analytics, and we’re giving you an opportunity to test your visual attention against pro players.

Join the Eye tracking [BETA] 


How can Eye Tracking help you improve?

Eye tracking can benchmark your in-game visual attention with 5 different metrics and compare it with pro-player data to help you understand the aspect of the game you need to improve based on your role.
The metrics are:

· Tunnel Vision: Are you focusing on only one area of play and ignoring other important things happening around you? (Watch video)

· Information Processing: How much information you can process on the screen and how rapidly you can process it? (Watch video)

· Minimap Awareness: Are you consistently checking the minimap to understand how to maintain situational awareness? (Watch video)

· Pick (Gank) Awareness: Getting picked off is one of the most important indicators of how a player’s awareness breaks down at specific moments in time.

· Fight Preparation: Where you look when you’re fighting is extremely important in League of Legends. It can mean the difference between team fight victory, and defeat.


mobalytics-analytics-for-gamersSo, how can I join the beta?

Make sure your eye tracker is well calibrated and follow the steps on the official Beta website.

Don’t forget to give us feedback! It’s a Beta, and we’ll be building this together with our user base.







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