Join the Tobii Eye Tracking Discord server

Join the Tobii Eye Tracking Discord server

Find other Eye Tracking players to team up with and participate in exclusive giveaways on the Tobii Gaming Discord channel. Come join us!

The Tobii Gaming Discord server is a place where everyone who has an interest in eye tracking games can connect, share tips, and team up for different games. We have several different topics relating different games, hardware and events to reflect what is currently going on in the Tobii community.

Who is hanging out at the Tobii Discord server?

  • Other Eye Tracking Gamers
  • Tobii Gaming Community Team
  • Tobii Gaming Developers
  • Tobii Gaming Marketing

Both members of the Tobii Team and eye tracking users are active daily on the server. If you are looking for some help or advice you can even find a Help-and-Feedback chat for casual users as well as a Dev-SDK-questions chat for developers. Although the Tobii Gaming discord is not our official support platform you can usually find passionate users who are willing to share their eye tracking tips and tricks.

Giveaways and competitions

Some of the swag we have given away previously, from Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands

On the discord server we host exclusive giveaways and competitions for sweet gaming related loot. Recently we have given away Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands DLCs, Hoodies, caps and exclusive Collector’s Cases. You will also be able to take part in all the exciting news and information about game releases, get a chance to submit which game you would like to see next and get an insight in the daily life of the Tobii Team.

How do I get an invite to join?

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Tobii Gaming

Hi, we are a bunch of developers, QA Engineers, customer support, product managers, and more (mostly gamers) aiming to combine the wonder, competitiveness, and creativity of gaming with the technology of eye tracking. Over the past decade, we have built eye trackers to revolutionize the way we play, creating a vital tool for competitive gaming, and empowering a new generation of content creators, as well as their followers. We love to game, we love eye tracking.