Introducing the Alienware m15

Introducing the Alienware m15

The best things in life come in small to mid-size packages. With the Alienware m15 weighing in at a feathery 2.26kg (or 5lbs), it fits the bill and adds credence to the old saying: Lean, mean machine!

A stable of the Legend industrial design series, the Alienware m15 also bolsters its sterling reputation by being the world’s first 15” notebook featuring Tobii Eye Tracking technology. An essential component for competitive gamers trying to elevate their craft to the next level.

However, if you were in the market for a new gaming laptop here are a few reasons why the Alienware m15 might just be the piece of hardware you need:


  • Did I mention the eye tracker from Tobii? Apart from being a pioneering 15-incher with the technology, having a laptop eye tracking enabled allows you to tap into the growing catalogue of games that utilizes the technology. It ticks all the boxes for those seeking an immersive experience and for those with professional ambitions, it offers significant inroads into how to refine and develop your skills.
  • Primed for Twitch: With Tobii Ghost enabled, you’ll be able to toggle a variety of visualizations when you stream and provide your viewers with a unique experience. Where whatever you look at, they see — all without using your mouse.
  • Elevated interactions: If immersive experiences are your forte, then the UI elements fading when not looking at them has got you covered. In-game NPCs react to you looking at them and act accordingly.
  • Get Better: As a result of the esports training initiative — Alienware Academy harnesses the power of Tobii Eye Tracking to fine tune and refine your gaming prowess.

From enhanced feature sets to a practical design that doesn’t compromise on power and quality, the Alienware m15 comes in many possible configurations, all available with Tobii Eye Tracking.

Coupled with the above bevy of additions, the new m15 also comes with some top of the range Windows interaction features:

  •  Power Optimization
  • Windows and Navigation
  • Mouse Enhancements

It is also available with a 17-inch screen and monikered as the Alienware m17. Both the m15 and the m17 are integrated with the Tobii Eye Tracker and available to buy in two colors: Lunar Light and Dark Side of the Moon.

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