Infinite Screen Extension is now Tobii Game Hub

Infinite Screen Extension is now Tobii Game Hub

Tobii Game Hub Alpha has been available on for a few weeks now so it is time to move forward. Based on feedback that we’ve received from our community, we’re now ready to release the first version of Tobii Game Hub. Infinite Screen Extension has served us well, but more games are getting featured with Tobii Eye Tracking and we need to adapt accordingly.

Therefore, Infinite Screen Extension will now become Tobii Game Hub.

Tobii Game Hub will not just be an extension, it will be a hub where we feature all Tobii Eye Tracking enabled games. Yep, even the games with integrated eye tracking will be featured. Like before, you will only be able to customize settings within the game itself when Tobii Eye Tracking is integrated into the game. For games that have eye tracking enabled by Tobii Game Hub however will have all the customization settings available in the hub itself.

Download Tobii Game Hub.

Tobii Game Hub settings for Aragami

Tobii Game Hub will give you a nice overview of all Tobii Eye Tracking enabled games. You will also have a small section for your installed games with Tobii Eye Tracking once the games have been detected. If you’re not a fan of browsing through all the games there’s also a neat search function that you can use to find any game that comes to your mind.

You should also know that available settings may vary from game to game. For Elite Dangerous for example you will be able to find a lot of customization settings in regards to eye tracking and head tracking in order to maximize immersion for everyone. We know that customization matters, so for a selection of games we’ve added options for view angle limits, mode, responsiveness and sensitivity. There are also control features available where you can bind a hotkey to center your view.

Elite Dangerous - Gaze Settings
Tobii Game Hub settings for Elite Dangerous

New features added

Some of these features have been around in games where Tobii Eye Tracking is integrated, but with Tobii Game Hub we can also offer these features for a selection of games that’s exclusively using the hub. The features for gaze tracking and head tracking are of course still there, but with Tobii Game Hub we’re able to add more customized features for each game. Check out some of the features we’ve added in our latest release of Tobii Game Hub below.

Please note that all games may have different features available and below we will only list the 7 new games that are supported by Tobii Game Hub in regards to what games are supported for each feature.

Interact at Gaze

Easily interact with items or NPCs.
How? Simply look at the item or NPC you would like to interact with and you will be presented with options or actions.
Games supported: Aragami

Clean UI

Dim the UI elements you’re not looking at in order to clean up your game area.
How? Simply look at the UI element you’re interested in seeing and it will light up in no time.
Games supported: Ziggurat

Radial Menus

Select item or action in a radial menu with your gaze.
How? Press the assigned key to bring up the radial menu, look at the item or action of your choice to highlight it and release.
Games supported: Aragami

Center at Gaze

By pressing the assigned key, the game will center the part of the game that you’re looking at. This is mostly used in top down games where you want to quickly move across the game.
How? Look at the part of the game where you want to go, then press the assigned key and release.
Games supported: War for the Overworld

Bungee Zoom

When you’re looking at a map, you can easily zoom out and zoom in to the part of the map that you’re looking at.
How? Hold the assigned key for zooming out, look at where you would like to zoom in, and release the key.
Games supported: War for the Overworld

Fire at Gaze

You can fire directly at your target by just looking at them.
How? Look at your target and fire.
Games supported: Ziggurat

Aim at Gaze

When you take aim, you will aim in the direction you’re looking rather than having the game assume your target is right in front of your character.
How? Look into the direction you would like to aim and then press the assigned key for aiming.
Games supported: Layers of Fear

New games

We’re continuously working on adding support for Tobii Eye Tracking into more games and with the release of Tobii Game Hub we can announce that we have 7 new games added to the list.

  • Among the Sleep
  • Aragami
  • Layers of Fear
  • Monstrum
  • War for the Overworld
  • White Noise 2
  • Ziggurat

Are your favorite games not supported? Well, not yet at least. You can request your favourite games on and we’ll look into it. Remember, there’s a lot more games to come so keep an eye out on Tobii Game Hub.

So if you’re still using Infinite Screen Extension, update to Tobii Game Hub to get all the new spiffy stuff.

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