How Veritas Improves His Stream with Eye Tracking

How Veritas Improves His Stream with Eye Tracking

“One of the main goals of my channel is to educate and help people get better at the game!”

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We’ve been getting in touch with some of our top streamers who frequently use eye tracking and Tobii Ghost to find out exactly why they use it and how they feel it benefits their stream.

Today’s interview is with Veritas, a married, full-time software engineer at a consumer robotics company. When he is not working, he is usually live streaming on Twitch or creating a variety of YouTube content, from stream highlights to gameplay tutorials and even parody cover songs for the games he plays.

A few months after starting to pump out YouTube content (without getting much traction), a few friends convinced him to start streaming to show off his fun and high-level gameplay — at the time he ranked as one of the top solo players in Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds.

Check out his highlight video for Escape from Tarkov featuring eye tracking and the interview below.

Q. What made you think “ Yeah! I want to use eye tracking in my stream?”

I had seen Shroud using an eye tracker, so I was familiar with it. I came across the Tobii booth at TwitchCon in San Jose and was impressed how well it worked. When I got home I mentioned it to my community and the requests started to come in.

Q. Since you started using eye tracking in your streams have you found that it has helped increase engagement with your audience?

Definitely. So many people “lurk” or watch twitch streams without chatting. Anecdotally, it seems like a lot more people are speaking up and saying “hey what’s that blue blob on the screen?” and the overwhelming response when its explained is, “Wow… That’s really cool!”

Q. What is the benefit of using an eye tracking in your channel? Can you bring up any memorable moments from your experience?

My viewers are always curious how I saw an enemy so fast, where I’m looking, how I’m able to survive and be so aware — the eye tracker does just that. The constant amazement from my viewers about how fast my eyes are moving, how much I’m scanning, and all the places I look they never knew about is always encouraging.

Q.With the release of the Twitch Extension users now have the ability to turn the eye tracker on and off and also customize it themselves. What other features do you feel would be valuable for to your viewers?

Just thought of this now — blink counter OBS overlay. Could be a fun challenge to do something like “win a game blinking less than 100 times” or something like that, or to be able to see blinks per minute during high intensity moments vs lulls in the gameplay.

Q.What additional features do you feel would be of value to you?

Being a software engineer that dabbles in data science whenever I can, I’m always a stickler for analytics. I’d love to get a deeper understanding of how many people have the tracker on, what modes they have it in, how long they keep it enabled on average, stuff like that.

In the same vein, I’d love to know a couple of things about myself as well. I look off screen very often to read chat, honestly more than I think the average streamer does — I’d love to get metrics on how often that happens just for my own curiosity, as well as see a historical heat-map showing where I look on screen in the last 30 days or something like that. It could be cool to be able to compare the heat-maps over different time periods, on different games, etc..

That sort of stuff could be extremely useful for all sorts of things, including useful for developers of games for user-experience research.

Q. Why do you continue to use eye tracking?

Tons of people continuously tell me they learn a ton about awareness in the game from it, and one of the main goals of my channel is to educate and help people get better at the game!

“My viewers are always curious how I saw an enemy so fast, where I’m looking, how I’m able to survive and be so aware — the eye tracker does just that.”
To back it up, in Veritas’s own words, here is just a sampling of the love he receives daily around eye tracking:


The proof is the pudding!

If educating your viewers through tutorial videos or streaming is your passion and you want to impart a little extra knowledge through eye tracking, find out more here:

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