How to enhance your Elite Dangerous adventure with the 4C

How to enhance your Elite Dangerous adventure with the 4C

There’s a reason why people love playing Elite Dangerous with eye tracking. Ever since our first generation eye tracker, EyeX, was released it’s been one of the most played games with eye tracking and we can understand why.

Elite Dangerous is a space adventure game where natural interaction can really bring a lot to really feeling the immersion. Now with our newest generation eye tracker, Tobii Eye Tracker 4C, we’ve been also able to add head tracking to fulfill the experience.

Using both eye tracking and head tracking in Elite Dangerous allows you to naturally engage with the game which will increase your situational awareness.

Eye tracking and head tracking is enabled in Elite Dangerous by Tobii Game Hub which is a software developed by Tobii. Elite Dangerous has support for the Freetrack protocol to which we output movement data to, which Freetrack in turn then uses to send input to the game. Tobii Game Hub is free and is compatible with all eye trackers made by Tobii Gaming. Head tracking in Elite Dangerous supports rotation: yaw, pitch and roll. Worth mentioning is that there is currently a 30 degree limitation to pitch, but it doesn’t ruin the experience since we could easily lose track of your eyes if you were going further.

“For the wider movements you can use your head and for the final movements you can simply use your eyes.” ObsidianAnt

Using Eye Tracking and Head Tracking in Elite Dangerous

In real life when you look around you will first use your eyes to scan your environment. Then to expand your field of view you would slightly start moving your head, but you would most likely still be using your eyes simultaneously. Therefore eye tracking together with head tracking in Elite Dangerous you will have an increased situational awareness when getting into combat as you would naturally just look out of your cockpit using your eyes rather than your head for scanning the environment. Once you need to make bigger and wider movements you would use your head to make those adjustments together with looking around with your eyes as well.

Since we naturally do this in our everyday life, you will find that it shortly will become very natural and that it really adds something to the immersion of playing Elite Dangerous.

The same goes if you need to move around on the ground as well. If you find yourself in a ground vehicle you will find eye tracking and head tracking very beneficial to naturally looking around for obstacles and for scanning the environment. We believe that customization is key however, which is why you will find a selection of sensitivity settings in Tobii Game Hub. We recommend that you take your time to figure out what settings are right for you in order to make it feel natural.

ObsidianAnt’s recommended settings

Some CMDRs out there might have been checking out ObsidianAnts videos already where he’s using the 4C with eye tracking and head tracking enabled in Elite Dangerous. He has posted a video exclusively for the Tobii Eye Tracker 4C on his YouTube channel where he shows some gameplay and also talks about his experience playing Elite Dangerous with the 4C. Check out his recommended settings and video below.

“So momentarily give up gravity and get on your ship CMDR. Don’t forget your essentials, maybe it could be your Tobii Eye Tracker 4C.” — ObsidianAnt


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