GDC 2018: Tobii Pushes for Better Devices and Better Experiences in VR and PC Gaming!

GDC 2018: Tobii Pushes for Better Devices and Better Experiences in VR and PC Gaming!
Eye tracking in VR gaming

Tobii is back to GDC for the 6th year running— in what promises to be our strongest event ever!

It was only last year at GDC 2017 that we demonstrated our eye tracking technology in VR for the first time. Since then, we’ve made strides in bringing this technology to next generation of VR and AR headsets, with media outlets reporting eye tracking as an essential feature for the future of VR after CES 2018.

In the last year the team at Tobii has not only focused on VR, but continued to advance in PC gaming — celebrating the release of over 100 eye tracking-enabled games — , and also expanded into real offerings for esports.

VR Demos

At GDC 2018, we will showcase a variety of new software and hardware demos that prove that many of the key benefits of eye tracking in VR are right around the corner, including the following highlights:

  • Initial eye tracking signal demonstrations for the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Mobile VR Platform reference design. This marks the first time that we will showcase demos on both tethered and untethered HMDs.
  • VR software experiences never before seen on the GDC showfloor.

PC Gaming Demos

For the PC gaming segment, our representatives on the floor will be demonstrating the different ways eye tracking can be used to enhance PC games and providing more information on support for interested developers through our software partnership program.

Over the past 6 months, our successes in PC gaming include the release of a variety of eye tracking-enabled games (from indie developers to titles such as Assassin’s Creed Origins and Final Fantasy XV) and the growing attention to our Streaming Gaze Overlay software in both streaming and esports.

Tobii Events

In addition to the new demos and experiences that Tobii will share at GDC, we will also host a variety of special events during the conference, including:

Come visit us for a bunch of hardware and software demo goodness at booth #335 in the expo hall. We hope you will stop by and see for yourself how eye tracking leads to better devices, better experiences and better gaming!

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