Find Out How Talung Uses Tobii Ghost to Have More Fun

Find Out How Talung Uses Tobii Ghost to Have More Fun

We’ve been getting in touch with some of our top streamers who frequently use eye tracking and Tobii Ghost to find out exactly why they use it and how they feel it benefits their stream.

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Beaming in from outer space this week is Talung, our go-to for sci-fi or Elite Dangerous related gaming.

Another eye tracking superuser, Talung worked for many years all over the world in the IT industry as a Programmer/Analyst. After meeting his wife in Australia they decided to move to Thailand to support her business and, tired of the corporate life, he decided to look for something else to do. While perusing the internet for new ventures, Talung found himself watching a lot of Twitch and decided to give it a try. Just 9 months later he became a Twitch partner. (Nice!)

His channel focuses on SciFi, Builder, Survival type games but he will play almost anything, though he tends to stick to niche games.

Q: What made you think “ Yeah! I want to use eye tracking in my stream?

I love the technology of VR, but I hate having things on my head. Head tracking was the perfect in-between for me. I tried various things like TrackIR and the EDTracker for playing games like Elite, but found it was always a hassle with wires and having to wear hats or headphones. I only use headphones while streaming. One of my viewers mentioned the Tobii eye tracker on stream and we had a look. It looked perfect for me: head tracking + bonus eye tracking. So I ordered one… the excuse was to review it for the viewers.

Q: Have you found that using eye tracking has helped increase engagement with your audience?

It’s definitely a talking point. The Ghost software makes it visible for viewers and often gets people asking how I am moving the screen so easily. Things like the cover system in Division, the auto locking in Assassins Creed are all things that do increase the experience. The Tobii Ghost also points out how little I look at the mini-maps and such. And can cause some rage in chat.

Q: In which games or genres do you feel eye tracking captures your audience’s attention more?

Ubisoft makes excellent use of the Tobii software, and those do tend to draw more questions as to how it works. Elite is another one, but unfortunately, that is more head tracking and not much eye tracking. Dying Light, I feel, is one of the best uses of it, where playing with eye tracking makes it incredibly natural to do the parkour.

Q: What do you feel is the benefit of using an eye tracker in your channel? Can you bring up any memorable moments?

The Ghost software definitely comes up as a talking point a lot. As to the benefits it brings to my channel, I would say that it helps me enjoy the games more, which in turn gives a more positive and happy vibe to the channel. People enjoy watching someone that is enjoying themselves. Too much salt is not good for you.

One of the funny moments was after one of my viewers bought an eye tracker and started playing Dying Light with me. After using it for the parkour they remarked that they thought I was so good, but in fact, it feels like cheating using the Tobii — lol.

Q: Viewers often asked: “what’s the bubble?”. Did this happen in your channel and do you think the Twitch extension has helped with explaining this?

I never used the bubble without the extension. I saw it as an annoyance to me and therefore to the viewers. I did use it on occasion when I was demonstrating something, but that was only for a bit, and not the whole stream. The extension has dramatically changed that. Now people have a choice to view it or not and even change what they viewing.

Q: Why do you continue to use eye tracking?

Fun. There are a few peripherals that I am happy to talk about because they are just great products. Thrustmaster FCS HOTAS is one and Tobii 4C is the other.

These are products that definitely help in the immersion and enjoyment of games. Games are about enjoyment, and things that enhance it without being out of reach to normal people are never a bad thing.

As to the benefits [Tobii Ghost] brings to my channel, I would say that it helps me enjoy the games more, which in turn gives a more positive and happy vibe to the channel.

As you can tell, Talung is well versed in all things eye tracking (make sure to check out all the games he recommended) and has a ton of fun during his streams.

If you are looking to inject some extra excitement into your channel and gaming experience (as well as giving your viewers the chance to call you out on your blinds spots), here’s where you can go:

Start streaming with Tobii Ghost

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