Far Cry® 5 Gets 5 Times More Immersive with Eye Tracking

Far Cry® 5 Gets 5 Times More Immersive with Eye Tracking

Far Cry® 5 is a no-holds-barred, adrenaline-fueled adventure that, for the first time in the series, packs an extra punch with integrated Eye Tracking. The 5 additional gameplay features available with Tobii work towards boosting your experience in terms of stealth and immersion in the game world.

What’s So Great About Far Cry® 5?

There’s a lot going on in the game. It’s spectacular open world with a brand new setting at each twist and turn.

There’s the wide range of customization and play styles to choose from. Go for stealth. Go in guns blazing. Choose between wingsuits (yes!) and vehicles to speed around the map. You also have the option to play the entire game solo or in two-player co-op with a friend.

The cooperative mode lets you explore the world and cut through outposts with more strategic coordination — stealth tactics or a brash attack take on a whole different meaning in terms of positioning and pre-planning.

In solo mode, you can recruit “Guns for Hire” to join you in the resistance. This presents a whole other set of strategic challenges and opportunities in the game. But one of the coolest things about this— and here’s where Tobii comes in — is that you can use eye tracking to give your commands!

How Does Eye Tracking Enhance the Game?

The main benefit eye tracking brings to this particular game is the ability to smoothly command your allies and give them orders to engage with a pointed look through the Guns for Hire feature as well as the opportunity to increase your stealth levels with nifty Enemy Tagging.

These are the 5 exclusive Eye Tracking features available:

1. Guns for Hire

Pssst, over there!” — we’ve all had those moments in which we direct someone’s attention to a certain spot with a discreet pointed look.

This is more or less what this feature does: when giving your Guns for Hire orders on where to move or attack, your gaze is their command.


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Guns for Hire in Far Cry® 5

2. Enemy Tagging

Also known as Mark at Gaze, this feature lets you make the most out of your stealthy looks. As soon as you spot an enemy, they will be tagged.


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Enemy Tagging in Far Cry® 5

3. Aim at Gaze

Keep an eye on your enemies! Aim in for the kill efficiently when they are in your line of sight.


Aim at Gaze in Far Cry® 5

4. Extended View

With this popular immersive feature you can naturally move the in-game camera in the direction you look through both eye and head tracking.

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5. Dynamic Light Adaptation

Another immersion-booster, this adjusts the brightness levels within the game according to where you’re looking (just like your pupils do in real life).

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Dynamic Light Adaptation in in Far Cry® 5

Take the action a step further and get strategic, stealthy and more immersed in Far Cry® 5 with Tobii Eye Tracking — available only in PC.

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