Eye Tracking in Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition

Eye Tracking in Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition

What a way to start the year! In addition to Kingdom Come Deliverance, Warhammer: Vermintide 2, Life Is Strange: Before the Storm and FARCRY 5. Tobii Gaming has extended their support to Final Fantasy XV!

Oh yes, the wait is finally over — a final fantasy for fans and first timers.

Final Fantasy XV launches their Windows Edition today, delivering massive upgrades from the console versions of the game. PC players will be able to experience the game at ultimate quality with features including Native4K ultra high-resolution, first person mode, the console DLCs and Tobii Eye Tracking support, just to name just a few.

So what does eye tracking bring to the gameplay?

To understand this we need to describe what’s new and how the combat works. Final Fantasy XV introduces an entirely new way to fight with an open combat system that enables users to openly participate in real time battles. This system makes fights more fluid and allows the player to move seamlessly between non-combat and combat situations thanks to seamless warp mechanics.

Final Fantasy XV Gameplay without Eye Tracking

In this sense, combos are king. The combination of warp strikes, normal attacks and the clever use of the environment are a must to unleash the greatest amount of damage upon your enemies and to keep you and your crew alive.

Gaze Targeting/Warp at Gaze

Eye tracking brings Warp at gaze which allows you to easily select the enemy that you want to hit just by looking at it. This feature adds great control and mobility to your battles, from pre-planning your encounter to the last strike.

Warp at Gaze

This feature warps you out of battle just by scanning the terrain with your eyes giving you the advante to find the perfect spot to prepare your next attack. This feature is very useful to gain back your MP and give you a pause before striking back.

Magic at Gaze

Elemancy is a crafting ability that enables players to create spells that can be used by you or your teammates in combat. Maxing different elements will allow you to create different spells. Eye tracking allows you to throw your spells at a specific area that you are looking at.

Extended View

Not everything is combat in this story driven game. Final Fantasy XV displays one of the most stunning open worlds in modern gaming, and Extended View immerses you into the environment with eye and head tracking, perfect for any trip in the Regalia (car) while you listen to the game soundtrack and discover the world.

Aim at Gaze

Episode Prompto, one the console DLC’s included in the Windows Edition brings up a sniper rifle. With Tobii Eye Tracking, players will be able to aim the scope directly to the direction of the enemy that they are looking at. This feature can also be used with the assault rifle and the rocket launcher.

How to get an Eye Tracker?

There is a limited time offer on the Tobii Eye Tracker 4C using coupon code “FFXV” during checkout on Tobii’s official website.

With over 100 games supporting eye tracking, Tobii’s work to enhance games is just getting started, and our support in Final Fantasy XV is just further proof of that.

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