And we are still trying to find what kind of mentalist is he.

After +40 Hours of intense gameplay @tinormvoobshe not only managed to finish the game, but he proved that inclusion in gaming works and assistive technology is at the level that can be stretched to completionists players.



So, what is this Eye Tracking game?

HyperDot is a game that you have to dodge everything. The special thing about it is that it was designed with an inclusive mindset, meaning that you can play this game from start to finish only using your eyes as a controller.

Brad and Dan from All Access life came up with such a great idea!

β€œGaming should be for EVERYONE”, Watch their full story.

Recap on All Access life video


Thank you everyone for joining such a great experiment. We saw submission from ghost users all around the world and we cannot be happier with the effort. Here are a few other highlights from the challenge.


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