Play Agents of Mayhem with Eye Tracking

Play Agents of Mayhem with Eye Tracking

Agents of Mayhem is an over-the-top action game with a pinch of fun set in an open-world environment in the heart of Seoul, South Korea. The city is very technologically advanced and the grounds hold very tall buildings which creates a fun and open battlefield for the agents. So join the cMAYHEM and set Seoul free of the villain organization LEGION.




To spice things up Agents of Mayhem has integrated Tobii Eye Tracking. With Eye Tracking, you will experience immersion by giving the game the privilege of knowing where your point of interest and focus is.

One of the integrated features is Character Awareness which makes NPCs aware of when you look at them and they’ll look back at you.

Eye tracking features in Agents of Mayhem


1. Extended View




Extended View in Agents of Mayhem

One of the immersive features is Extended View which works with both eye tracking and head tracking. Extended View allows you to have a bigger field of view when you’re scanning an open area for enemies, locations or objects.

2. Aim at Gaze




Aim at Gaze in Agents of Mayhem

One of the key features is Aim at Gaze where you can naturally take aim at your enemies and your aim will go in the direction you’re looking rather than having your aim go dead center.

With the game knowing where your focus is it’ll know your intentions better and that’s what Aim at Gaze is all about. The game will know what target you’re focusing on and it’ll understand that there is where your aim should go.

3. Clean UI




Clean UI in Agents of Mayhem

You will also find the feature Clean UI which clears up your game of HUD elements when you’re not looking at them. Once you look at the HUD elements such as your health bar it’ll instantly shine up.

4. Dynamic Light Adaptation




Dynamic Light in Agents of Mayhem

Dynamic Light is also a neat but discreet feature which will adjust the lighting according to where you’re looking in the game. If you’re looking into the far distance the area might be a bit bright, but Dynamic Light will take care of that for you and adjust the lighting accordingly.

5. Character Awareness




Character Awareness in Agents of Mayhem

Since you’ll be in an open world you will be among a lot of civilians and therefore the feature Character Awareness has been added to the game. This adds a little bit of a realistic touch as when you stroll the streets of Seoul and you look at someone they will know that you’re looking at them and they will look right back at you, like IRL!


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