Mobalytics launches eye tracking companion app to boost players' visual attention performance

Mobalytics launches eye tracking companion app to boost players' visual attention performance

Have you met our pride and joy? Its the only esports game trainer with eye tracking analytics: You can analyze and level up your game, comparing your performance to friends, foes, and the Pros.

With more than 100 million monthly active players, League of Legends (LoL) is one of the most popular online games in the world. More than anything, LoL is a game of information and quick decision making. The most successful players are the ones who can take in, and make use of, masses of information at lightning speed.


Mobalytics is the most widely used gaming companion app for League of Legends that analyzes your performance, highlights your strengths and weaknesses, and gives you insights to level up your game. With the addition of Tobii Eye Tracking to the Mobalytics platform, you can perform a much broader analysis based on not just your actions, but what you were actually looking at during each second of the match: did you scan enough for incoming threats? Did you check the mini-map at the right time? Were you tracking the position of an enemy that scored?



Tunnel Vision analysis in player vision skill breakdown + Ways to improve it.

By analyzing the eye movements of different players at different skill levels, data can be compared to that of top professionals or …. your mates. For instance, the studies have found that the top League of Legends players looks at the mini-map almost twice as often as average players. By using eye-tracking to measure your visual attention, you get advice directly after a game to improve.

Your eyes are a vital tool, but often neglected when it comes to training. How you allocate your visual attention has massive implications on your in-game performance and what rank you will be able to achieve.

Based on our recent research, there are significant differences between lower and higher-ranked players in how they allocate their visual attention in a game. Common mistakes among the lower-ranked players are tunnel vision, lacking information processing and poor map awareness. These are skills that can be trained, using the right tools and learning from stronger players. You can read more about the findings in a recent report here.

How to get started

We’ve streamlined the process and integrated eye tracking to the Mobalytics platform. To access it you will need a Tobii Eye Tracker or an Alienware laptop with integrated Tobii Eye Tracking, as well as a free Mobalytics account. You can sign up here.

If you’re still in need of an eye tracker, Mobalytics and Tobii have also created a bundle where you get 3 months of Mobalytics Premium Free when you purchase a Tobii eye tracker, and you’ll also get a 20% discount using the code ‘mobalytics’. That way you can make full use of the whole set of analytical features we have specifically designed to help you climb in League of Legends.


Track your visual attention on five key metrics

In the game, players can use eye tracking to assess five key aspects of their individual performance. The five metrics include:

Tunnel Vision: Determines whether players are focusing on only one area of play and ignoring other important things happening around them.

Information Processing: Evaluates how much information players can process on the screen and how rapidly it is processed.

Map Awareness: Measures whether players are checking the in-game map frequently enough to maintain situational awareness.

Pick Awareness: Awareness of enemy position and vision are essential for player survivability.

Fight Preparation: Optimal positioning, watching for cooldowns, and looking out for flankers can make a huge difference in coming up with a team fight victory.

Will 2020 be your year to conquer Summoner’s Rift? Use Tobii Eye Tracking to unlock your true potential — sign up today!

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Lauren Forsberg

Hi, I am the product and partnerships manager for esports training, which means I am responsible for collaborating with key partners and stakeholders to establish products for training and analytics in 3rd party applications, we’re using eye tracking metrics to help players learn more about how they game and how to improve. Personally, I think we’ll see Tobii’s eye tracking at the forefront of gaming innovation and driving new experiences for users, and I am excited to be part of helping it get there.