Discover the Benefits of Eye Tracking with Streamer UnrealGS

Discover the Benefits of Eye Tracking with Streamer UnrealGS

“It’s like having side-burns — it’s a strong conversation starter.”

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We’ve been getting in touch with some of our top streamers who frequently use eye tracking and Tobii Ghost to find out exactly why they use it and how they feel it benefits their stream.

First up is UnrealGS, a streamer and pro team coach, who, in my humble opinion, is a Rainbow 6: Siege God. He frequently stops by our Discord to share his amazing clips.

Check him out in action in our Unreal Kill Reel and find the interview below.


Q. Firstly, it would be great if you could tell us a little bit about yourself, your channel and why you started streaming in the first place.

I am known online as UnrealGS, I was originally UnrealGhostSniper but I shortened it to UnrealGS to make it look prettier. I am 22 years old and live in Ontario, Canada. I bought a PC around mid-November of 2016 and started streaming December 1 of 2016. I played Rainbow 6: Siege on my Xbox One since beta and been playing ever since, but Rainbow 6 is the reason I decided to get a PC and the sole reason why I started to stream. I was a full-time streamer for a little bit then went to College.

Q. What made you think “Yeah! I want to use eye tracking in my stream?”

One day I spotted the eye tracker in a streamer’s live stream and at that point is when I decided I wanted one. I thought it would be super beneficial for my viewers because many gold ranked players watch my stream and it will give them a good idea on where to look for runouts or commonly held angles.

Q. Since you started using eye tracking in your streams, have you found that it has helped increase engagement with your audience?

The eye tracker has increased engagement with my audience. It’s like having side-burns — it’s a strong conversation starter.

Q. “What’s that bubble?” is a popular question for many streamers using eye tracking. How many times do you think you have been asked it?

Well over 200 times. I would say 50% of the time a new viewer comes in it is the first question he asks. Which is also why I created a command for the “bubble”. !tracker = Name: Tobii Eye Tracker 4C Question: What does the eye tracker do? Answer: It tracks my eyes for you to see where I am looking. You can deactivate/customize it in the extension by hovering over the Screen.

Q. Apart from streaming with eye tracking, have you played any of the supported games with eye tracking? If so which is your favorite one and why?

When I bought the Tobii Eye Tracker, it came with Hitman 2 I believe and it was a cool feature to use but could be a burden when reading chat or if the eye tracker is not completely accurate at any given time. Overall, it was fun to play around with the in-game eye tracking.

Q. Since we released the Twitch Extension do you feel you have received the “what is that bubble?” question less?

I do not use the Twitch Extension because it does not allow me to clip my stream while being able to see an eye tracker. I recently started to use the extension so I am still figuring out if it is the best idea for my community and if they will enjoy it more.

Q. Why do you continue to use eye tracking?

I continue to use the eye tracking to help the not so good players for Rainbow 6 that watch my stream. Also, because the eye tracking is the best attachment to use for streaming alongside my heart-tracker.

The eye tracker has increased engagement with my audience. It’s like having side-burns — it’s a strong conversation starter” — UnrealGS

While some of you may not be so sure, we LOVE this analogy here at Tobii. One of the main goals with using Tobii Ghost and its Twitch extension when streaming is to help increase engagement with your viewers, along with giving them insights into how you play.

Hopefully, the Tobii Eye Tracker 4C and the Tobii Ghost software will be recognized as valuable tools for those that are looking to grow their channel.

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