Discover the 7 Eye Tracking Features in HITMAN

Discover the 7 Eye Tracking Features in HITMAN

HITMAN — Game of the Year Edition was just released with lots of exciting extras and the awesome added bonus of integrated eye tracking.

The package includes The Complete First Season of the murder extravaganza and comes with a brand new campaign, new weapons and snazzy new outfits.


It’s a Corky suit!

When it comes to eye tracking, HITMAN is packed with 7 (yes, seven!) immersive features to boost your gameplay — including one developed exclusively for the game.

Ah, and eye tracking will also be available to the owners of the original HITMAN — as long as they get the game update from November 7. Super cool! (But I’d say the GOTY Edition is even cooler.)

So, let’s get down to those features!

1. Aim at Gaze

Set your eyes on the target. Shoot. Success!

2. Throw at Gaze


Look around, find that perfect spot and throw stuff.

3. Instinct at Gaze




A HITMAN exclusive, this feature let’s you quickly identify threats and targets with a glance.

4. Extended View




You’re in the center of the action as the in-game camera naturally follows your gaze.

5. Clean UI




Get the HUD elements out of the way when you’re not looking for information.

6. Dynamic Light Adaptation




Your in-game pupils (OK, the brightness levels) adjust to where you’re looking.

7. Auto-Pause


The game pauses automatically if you get distracted or need to rush off.

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