A new era of smart cars: Creating a driver monitoring system fit for the times

A new era of smart cars: Creating a driver monitoring system fit for the times

From 2023 onwards, every new car will require a DMS. With effective and affordable new software from Tobii, we’re ready. 

Rise of the DMS

Cars are getting smarter, which means they’re also getting safer and more comfortable. Software that can perceive the identity, mood, and mental state of the person behind the wheel allows the driver's environment to alter and adapt to their needs. Alerts and prompts will activate if you’re drifting off, while facial recognition scans the driver's identity allowing customized features that automatically take effect. What was once a niche and exclusive feature of high-end rollers is now ubiquitous in many popular cars driving off the production line, thanks to advancing technology and modernizing automotive legislation. We’re talking about driver monitoring systems.   

Since the invention of the driver monitoring system, demand has been growing steadily. Manufacturers are always looking for the next innovation in comfort, safety, or user experience to set their design apart. A DMS provides all three, making the car a responsive and intelligent environment for the driver. On top of this, DMS systems are gaining political traction. The New Car Assessment Programme (NCAP) and automotive regulators will make driver monitoring systems a requirement for new cars from 2023, with a view to limiting accidents on the road, 90% of which are caused by human error. With the commercial and the political perspective supporting the DMS, it is transitioning from a fringe technology to a mass-market phenomenon.  

As the DMS grows in demand, creators need to refocus their priorities. In the automotive industry, we have three main challenges to overcome; reduce the cost of ownership, increase the detection rate of drowsiness and distraction, and improve the user experience. If a DMS is going to be integrated into every new car, these three tenets will be essential. At Tobii, we’ve developed a solution that achieves just that.

See Tobii’s smart solution at InCabin 2022

To ensure there is a DMS ready for the new landscape and to address the challenges to integration, we have been developing a revolutionary system that will be unveiled at InCabin, an automotive event in Brussels on September 15th, 2022. We want to give the automotive industry the first look at our DMS software, and participants will be able to try out the system in person at our own booth. What’s more, Dr. Clementine François, an engineering manager at Tobii, is a scheduled speaker at the InCabin event. Attendees will get the chance to hear Clementine talk about the advanced validation of Driver Monitoring Systems and where the industry is likely to go in the future.  



The future of road safety is clear. Before long, each and every new car will be fitted with a DMS so responsive and intelligent that it will be able to keep the driver safe, comfortable, and happy whether on a trip to the shops or on a cross-country adventure. With our new solution, we’re making the transition to smart driver environments easy and accessible to all. 

Jérôme Wertz

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Jérôme Wertz

For more than 12 years, Jerome has been committed to developing and bringing to market innovative technologies for improving safety in transport and industry. Jérôme Wertz holds an MSc in industrial engineering from the Gramme Institute in Liège, Belgium. He also holds an executive master’s in management.