Alienware Academy Aims to Make You a More Competitive Gamer

Alienware Academy Aims to Make You a More Competitive Gamer

One of the exciting announcements we made at CES 2019 was the official opening of Alienware Academy, a new online training platform for competitive gamers.

Together with the announcement, Alienware, Tobii and Killer Networks hosted an event with 20 competitors in an open play session including lesson insights and the Alienware Academy Reaction Time Challenge.

What is Alienware Academy?

Tobii has worked together with Alienware to create an esports training portal that includes video lessons and provides eye tracking insights to help competitive gamers hone their skills.

Alienware Academy aims to let you:

  • Learn with video lessons from esports pros and teams, including Team Liquid, Renegades, and Jordan Gilbert (n0thing) focusing on FPS games
  • Train with a custom challenge map that lets you practice and incorporate the tips and skills presented in the lesson tracks
  • Rank up as you progress through lesson tracks and improve your skills

Learn, train and rank up with Alienware Academy

Alienware Academy is still in Beta and will keep evolving to include more lessons tracks, tutorials and training exercises for a range of popular competitive games.

Eye Tracking Analytics

While the lessons and challenge map can be used by all, Alienware Academy provides additional insight for players with an eye tracker to further their training.

Using Tobii Eye Tracking, players gain data on attention, focus and speed during gameplay, allowing them to not only analyze performance but also to train gaze reaction time and track improvement.

CS:GO Invitational Event

On January 10th, Tobii was one of the hosts for the Alienware Academy: CSGO Invitational where 20 players were invited to compete in a 5v5 tournament. The players were overseen by two coaches that were observing an open play session and then drafting players for their teams.


The use of eye tracking allowed coaches to provide insights into gameplay techniques and better measure the player’s performance. All players took part in the Alienware Academy Reaction Time Challenge — where eye tracking is used to measure the reaction time for a player’s eyes to acquire the target and then how long it would take for their crosshair to reach the target.

Tobii Ghost was also used for the first time in a competition when both coaches’ eye movements were tracked as they played with their teams in the final match. This put them on the spot and let them show off their skills by giving the viewers an insight into their attention and reaction times too.

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