Advanced validation of driver monitoring systems — meet us at IMS Tech 2022

Advanced validation of driver monitoring systems — meet us at IMS Tech 2022

Our driver monitoring system (DMS) software is an in-vehicle integration solution designed to support the automotive industry in its aims to raise road safety and deliver intuitive driver experiences.

The demand for driver monitoring systems is on the rise, driven by various needs and use cases, including raising safety for all road users, improving comfort, and delivering a modern driver experience. Regulators and NCAP are looking to DMS and its validation protocols as a solution. However, as DMS solutions become more complex and the number of players in the field continues to rise, the automotive industry, and its many stakeholders, face challenges related to DMS development and validation  — including keeping costs down, raising safety, and promoting user adoption.

To help address these issues, we have developed Tobii DMS as well as the most advanced approach to DMS validation. Our engineering manager, Clémentine François, will talk more about our solution at IMS Tech 2022 (In-Cabin Monitoring System Tech) in Shanghai, on July 7-8, 2022 — we'd love to see you there. 

What we will talk about

Validation of driver monitoring systems: advanced multi-level and multidisciplinary approach complying with regulation and NCAP

  • Tobii’s DMS software
  • DMS validation challenges and framework (EU regulation, NCAP, GB/T, SAE L3-L4)
  • Tobii's advanced approach to DMS validation

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