6 ways to play Warhammer: End Times — Vermintide with Eye Tracking

6 ways to play Warhammer: End Times — Vermintide with Eye Tracking

Welcome to the End of Times. This is the first Warhammer video game to be set in the great apocalypse prophesized to bring about the end of the Warhammer World. No peanuts here, as you see.

To put it mildly, the era of earthlings is coming to an end and the reign of chaos is nigh. So, if you missed Lovecraftian demon gods toying with the sanity of us mortals just for fun, and if you also want hundreds of hours of fierce action with your friends … well, simply put, Warhammer End Times — Vermintide is your best bet.

This is one frantic co-operative game, and its rich visuals create a stern, arresting atmosphere that’s adequate for a multiplayer — only experience. As one of the five heroes tasked with the defense of Ubersreik, you will fight the swarming incursion of the Skaven, a vicious race of humanoid rat-men.

These are the 6 ways to play Warhammer: End Times — Vermintide with Eye Tracking

In keeping with this dark fantasy world, each of the five characters relies on both ranged and melee weapons. The melee mechanics offer solely one attack button, and you’re unable to direct your strikes beyond simply aiming the camera.

1. Fire at Gaze


Now with Fire at Gaze, when using a weapon that sprays destruction, simply look at an area, squeeze a button and fire to hordes of skaven. Decimating a pack with Fire at Gaze definitely evokes frenzied delight, and the sanguine sound effects and blood-spattered screen is a personal source of satisfaction.

2. Select at Gaze


Ever wanted to pick something without maneuvering your character into position first? With the Select at Gaze feature, simply look at an object and click to pick it up without having to change your character’s direction.

3. Extended View


Need to scope your current surroundings? No problem. Looking at the edge of your screen will trigger the Extended View option. The in-game camera will auto-pan in that direction and you’ll be able to pinpoint and exterminate a mass of vermin — that otherwise would pass undetected -.

4. Enemy Tagging


With Enemy Tagging, mark your enemies effortlessly with your gaze, so you and your mates can deal with them together.

5. Clean UI


Moreover, the Clean UI feature will keep the HUDs tucked away until you look in its direction. You will get a clean screen, free of distractions while you are whacking that Rat Ogre.

6. Aim at Gaze


Vermintide offers combat and action aplenty, and the survival of Ubersreik is no easy task. With integrated eye tracking, you will use your natural instincts when engaging in battle against your foes.

Your eyes will take over the screen and help you to perform even better. When a bloodthirsty skaven looks you dead in the eye, look back, Aim at Gaze, press the fire command, and blast the vermin to smithereens.

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